Honorary Award Nomination

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PTA Honorary Service Awards

Honorary Service Awards are given to members of our PTA to recognize them for outstanding service within our PTA. Nominees should have volunteered in a variety of areas over a substantial period of time demonstrating their dedication to the educational experience of our students and Highlands Community.  A nominee may be a parent, teacher, or staff member. 

The award recipients will be recognized at our Open House & Art Show in May 2016.

**Our goal is to recognize people who have not received prior service awards.

Previously honored

  • Sherri Alysworth
  • Laura Bent
  • Audrey Bruckner
  • Ed Chang
  • Angie Chan-Geiger
  • Kim Crellin
  • Vicky Daniel
  • Dani DeSantis
  • Brooke Dean
  • Pinkee Gupta
  • Terry Hunt
  • Josie Jue
  • Isabelle LaFrance
  • Para LaRussa
  • Val Margolin
  • Liesje Nicolas
  • Missy Palala
  • Monika Peschke
  • Anne Pesquie
  • Linda Siguenza
  • Kaaren Sipes
  • Erica Smulever
  • Sherri Verducci
  • Mrs. Jennifer Gorman
  • Ms. Courtney Krueger
  • Mrs. Marje Learned Matsuda
  • Mrs. Joan Radsliff
  • Ms. Rebecca Russell
  • Ms. Kaye Saxberg
  • Ms. Natalie Smith