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Together Heroic Things Happen, Join the PTA!

The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is a group of parents, teachers and staff, working together to make our children's education the best possible.

Who can join? The PTA is open to everyone and anyone who has an interest in Highlands School - parents, grandparents, guardians, siblings, businesses in the community and the list goes on and on. The PTA is not a select group of people, it is all of us!!

PTA Executive Board Meetings are open to all Highlands parents and staff.  We welcome and invite all members to attend these meetings to help us make sure that we are representing you well. Agendas are posted one week in advance of the meeting. Please contact the PTA President if you wish to have an item added to our agenda.

At Highlands, the PTA tries to enhance our children's learning experiences by exposing them to activities, assemblies and tools that are not funded by the school district. The Highlands School PTA's primary function is not fundraising but in order to provide the "extras", money is required. Therefore, fundraisers are a necessity and your participation is crucial to the PTA's success.

Our children come first at Highlands and we are proud of that fact. The PTA will continue, with your support, to go above and beyond the call of duty for our students!

What does the PTA Provide?

  • Field trips and classroom enrichment
  • Programs and assemblies
  • Classroom supplies
  • Computer equipment, maintenance and other educational equipment
  • School yearbook and graduation activities
  • Art-In Action docent training and supplies
  • Purchase books and supplies for the school library
  • Parent Education
  • Instructional standardized test-taking
  • Library support
  • The Garden Classroom
  • Science Fair, Variety Shows, and much, much more!

Come to our next PTA Meeting for a chance to socialize with other Highlands parents, enjoy excellent parent education speakers, as well as stay informed about your child's school. Look for more details regarding our next meeting on this website.