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  • Phone: (650) 312-7544


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Parent Volunteer Hours are the foundation on which many vital school programs rely. Be a part of what makes Highlands one of the top schools in the area. Keep your child's school programs solid with your hours of service.

Fill out the Volunteer Form below to get more information.

Every time you volunteer, be sure to log your hours in the Hours Tracking form.

Room Parents

Being a room parent is a great way to support your child’s classroom, and this year there are some exciting new changes:

  • Each classroom will have 2 room parents: one head room parent in charge of managing the room parent supported activities, and one room parent in charge of distributing e-mail communications from the PTA
  • Room parents will collaborate by grade level to make planning easier

Look for the room parent sign-ups at the Welcome Back Event (day before 1st day of school).


Volunteer Fingerprinting

Volunteers who work directly with students and are not under the direct supervision of a certificated staff member must be fingerprinted.  This will include anyone driving students on a field trip. See details on the SMFCSD website.