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What'S sMART? 

Science Math Art Reading Technology Fund

Together Heroic Things Happen

The SMART Fund is a PTA fund created to supplement the cost of education for our school and is the most efficient fundraising program we have. The PTA provides funding for many programs at Highlands that are no longer funded by the State or the District, and that we believe are essential components of childhood development and education.

These programs are PTA-funded and would not exist without your support:

  • NEW Teacher Grant Program: Teachers will apply for funds for specialized educational tools, programs or supplies to support 2016-17 classroom learning goals
  • Highly Effective Teaching (HET) programs and workshops to support teachers, parents and students
  • Computer Lab Teacher and Equipment
  • Art in Action
  • Top Quality Music Program for ALL students
  • Library books and our full-time Librarian
  • Classroom/School Activities & Supplies
  • A full-time English Language Para-educator
  • Enrichment Activities: Drama programs, Assemblies & Lunchtime Activities