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About Highlands

Welcome To Highlands Informational Slides 

Bienvenidos a Highlands Informacíon 

At Highlands Elementary School, we provide a nurturing environment that plants the seeds of lifelong learning and responsible citizenship in every student. We honor individual differences and learning styles as well as promote a safe, orderly, caring and supportive environment. We accomplish this by maintaining our coveted holistic approach with dedication from staff, parents and our community. We make a difference challenging each child to reach his or her full potential, academically and socially.


Our students in grades TK to fifth come to us from neighborhoods near and far extending across the city of San Mateo. We believe that all students are capable of learning to high standards because intelligence defined as problem solving and/or product producing capability is the result of real physiological change in the brain that occurs as a result of sensory input, processing, organizing and pruning. We strive to design learning experiences that foster the development of intelligence in each student. We organize the standards-based curriculum into rich units of instruction, which connect learning between disciplines and link to significant ideas. We endeavor further to help each child understand that s/he has a role in making our community into a place that we all want to live, a respectful community, where we support each other to be the best that we can be. We recognize that the challenge of helping all students reach proficiency is unprecedented and we must learn a tremendous amount if we are going to succeed at this. We are proud of the work that we are doing to improve our students’ achievement on the California Standards Tests. We continuously work on improving our test scores and reducing the achievement gap, knowing that standardized tests don't demonstrate the full progress and growth our students achieve.  We will continue to identify areas of needed growth and develop strategies to address those needs.

Social Emotional Development

The Life Skills program at Highlands Elementary School is the foundation of our school culture. We emphasize and model the characteristics that we want our children to develop and demonstrate. They are: caring, cooperation, common sense, courage, curiosity, effort, flexibility, friendship, initiative, integrity, organization, patience, perseverance, pride, problem solving, resourcefulness, responsibility and sense of humor. Our parents embrace these Life Skills and model them in their generous contributions of time and talent. Life Skills, along with our PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) program and Restorative Practices, create a healthy social emotional foundation for our students. Our school motto is: Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe.