Music for Minors

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Music for Minors Responds!

During this global pandemic, we have witnessed heartwarming stories of how music is connecting people and feeding our souls -- from neighbors singing together on their balconies, to high school choirs virtually performing their concerts, to young children sharing their musical talents entertaining elderly neighbors from opposite sides of the porch. We’ve heard music gently floating across continents, transcending language barriers, disregarding race, gender, and age. Through it all, we are reminded of the profound way music connects us.

Music for Minors is also finding a way to re-connect our 50 music teachers to the 25,000 children we serve.

In just a few days, we will be inviting you to join us in the launch of Music for Minors Reactivate Music Fund. This campaign will support the development of new online music lessons for kids learning at home. It will also allow us to provide salaries for our dedicated music teachers who are at the heart of connecting kids to music.

We at Music for Minors are no strangers to overcoming obstacles. With schools shut down through at least May 1st, we’ve been able to jump into action! The creativity and collaboration of our staff and music teachers in developing quick and effective solutions deserve a standing ovation. This is just one more example of how dedicated they are to keeping music education alive and thriving. Bravo!

This exciting campaign will include weekly updates with musical messages and videos from our students, music teachers, and others who support our mission. There will also be an invitation for YOU to share your talents!

Finally, I’d like to assure you that as an organization, Music for Minors is working to manage our overall health and develop contingency plans to face these coming months. We are working closely with schools and districts, reducing expenses when possible, pursuing new funding sources, and carefully weighing all options moving forward.

Together we will keep music education in the lives of the students we serve.

Sending sincere wishes for your continued safety and well-being,

Sonja Wohlgemuth
Executive Director

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