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Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning with Second Step Curriculum

Social Emotional learning happens daily on our campus.  Teachers and school counselor partner to teach lessons from our SMFCSD adopted social emotional learning curriculum called Second Step.  Second Step Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) gives students the tools to excel in and out of the classroom. With age-appropriate lessons, Second Step SEL for K–5 features catchy songs, fun games, and other engaging activities that develop social-emotional skills. Children learn how to make friends, manage their emotions, solve problems, and deal with peer pressure. The program explicitly teaches students make progress in emotion management, situational awareness, and academic achievement.

Monthly Lifelong Guidelines & Life Skill to Support Character Development

The Lifelong Guidelines & Life skills are the behavior standards of the Highlands school community and are based on respect for others and self. They are taught by modeling and acknowledging others' use of them on a daily basis. All students are expected to develop and practice good citizenship through the use of the Lifelong Guidelines and Lifeskills. 

Be Trustworthy  *  Be Truthful  *  Active Listening  *  No Put Downs  *  Personal Best

To feel concern for others

Common Sense
To use good judgment

To work together toward a common goal (purpose)

To act according to one’s beliefs

A desire to learn or know about a full range of things

To try your hardest

The ability to alter plans when necessary

To make and keep a friend through mutual trust and caring

To do something because it needs to be done

To be honest, sincere, and of sound moral principle

To plan, arrange and implement in an orderly way

To wait calmly for someone or something

To continue in spite of difficulties

Satisfaction from doing your personal best

Problem Solving
To seek solutions in difficult situations

Knowing about options and choosing the appropriate option to accomplish the objective

To be accountable for your actions

Sense of Humor 
To laugh and be playful without harming others

SEL Activity

****Remember, it is OK to feel worried, upset, or any other strong feeling! 

It is important for students to have a sense of routine during school closures. Routines help provide a sense of calm, structure, and control. Set a specific time with your child to do their school work everyday. Create a safe, quiet work space where students may complete their academic work. Set expectations with your child and where they may play outside. 

Here is a wonderful link for ideas that you may do at home with your child to reinforce routines and allow your child to continue practicing important life skills: 

Here are some online apps that you may use to help your child practice focusing attention and calming down: 

Indoor Activities

  • Puzzles
  • Play Dough
  • Board Games
  • Paint
  • Coloring Book
  • Drawing
  • Art Project
  • Yoga
  • Video
  • Movie
  • Pattern Blocks
  • Science Experiment
  • Reading
  • Help with Chores
  • Blocks/Legos
  • Razz Kids/ StarFall

Outdoor Activities

  • Pull Weeds
  • Play Catch
  • Chalk
  • Bubbles
  • Ride Bikes
  • Ride Scooters
  • Play Soccer
  • Jump Rope
  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Hula Hoop
  • Go For A Walk
  • Juggle Scarves


****Recuerde, está bien sentirse preocupado, molesto, o cualquier otro sentimiento fuerte!

Es importante que los estudiantes tengan un sentido de rutina durante los cierres de la escuela. Las rutinas ayudan a proporcionar una sensación de calma, estructura y control. Establezca una hora específica con su hijo para hacer su trabajo escolar todos los días. Cree un espacio de trabajo seguro y tranquilo donde los estudiantes puedan completar su trabajo académico. Establezca expectativas con su hijo y dónde pueden jugar al aire libre. 

Aquí hay un maravilloso enlace para ideas que usted puede hacer en casa con su hijo para reforzar las rutinas y permitir que su hijo continúe practicando habilidades importantes para la vida:

Estas son algunas aplicaciones en línea que puede usar para ayudar a su hijo a practicar la atención y calmarse: 

Actividades interiores

  • Puzzles
  • Play masa
  • Juegos de mesa
  • Paint
  • Libro de coloración
  • Dibujo
  • Proyecto de arte
  • Proyecto de Vídeo
  • Bloques de patrones
  • Experimento de ciencia
  • Lectura
  • ayudar con las tareas
  • Bloques/Legos
  • Razz Kids/ StarFall

Actividades al aire libre

  • Escardar
  • Jugar a la pelota
  • Dibuje con tiza en la acera
  • Soplar burbujas
  • Andar en bici
  • Ride Scooters
  • Jugar fútbol
  • La cuerda de saltar
  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Hula Hoop
  • Dar un paseo fuera
  • Aprender a hacer malabares con bufandas