Fifth Grade

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Theme: Friendship

Math: Unit 1- Place Value

ELA: Routines & Review

Science: Water planet

Social Studies: Government

Special Event: Back To School Night 


Theme: Effort

Math: Unit 2 & 3- adding, Subtracting Decimals, and Multiplying Whole Numbers

ELA: U.S. Constitution: Then & Now

            Personal Narrative

Science: water planet

Social Studies: Native Americans and Geography

Special Event: 


Theme: Organization

Math:  Unit 3 & 4- Multiplication and 1-Digit Division

ELA: Developing Characters’ Relationships

            Opinion Writing

Science: Water Planet

Social Studies: State Reports and Explorers

Special Event: 

-Fall Break

-Fall Parade 


Theme: Caring

Math: Unit 5, 6 & 7- Dividing by 2-Digit Divisors and Multiplying Decimals

ELA: Cultivating Natural Resources

Science: Planets

Social Studies: Explorers

Special Event:


Theme: Creativity

Math: Unit 8- Dividing Decimals and Numerical Expressions, patterns, and Relationships

ELA: Recognizing Author’s Point of View

            MLK Essays

Science:  Planets

Social Studies: Colonies

Special Event:


            - Williamsburg: A travel back in time


Theme: Resourcefulness

Math: Unit 8 & 9- Adding and Subtracting Fractions

ELA: Authors Point of View

Informative writing

Science: Mixtures and Solutions

Social Studies:  Colonies

Special Event:

            Sierra Outdoor School


Theme: Cooperation

Math: Unit 10, Unit 11- Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers, Multiplying, and Dividing Fractions with Mixed Numbers

ELA: Technology and society

            Narrative Writing

Science: Mixtures and Solutions

Social Studies: Revolutionary War

Special Event:


Theme: Sense of Humor

Math: Unit 12 & Unit 13- Volume of Solids and Units of Measure

ELA: Theme

            Persuasive Writing

Science:  Science Fair Prep

Social Studies: Revolutionary War

Special Event:


Theme: Curiosity

Math: Unit 14 & Unit 15- Data

ELA: History and Culture: Conflicts that shaped a Nation

Science: Plants and Body Systems

Social Studies: Westward Expansion

Special Event: Spring Break

                                    Science Fair


Theme: Preservice

Math: Unit 16- Coordinate Geometry

ELA: Earth Science: Water- Fact & Fiction

Science: Plants

Social Studies: Civil War

Special Event: Open House


Theme: Pride

Math:  Step up to Grade 6

ELA: Economics- The Economic Development of Cities

Science: Puberty Talks

Social Studies: Modern

Special Event:
Field Day- Kickball with the teachers

Pool party


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Marje Learned Matsuda

Jackie Parrish

Ashley Parker