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Parent Teachers Association (PTA), a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit association, is made up of Highlands Parent Volunteers and Staff who work together to provide programs, events and services designed to expand your child’s learning environment and school experience. We are part of the California and National PTA, which are one of the world's largest child advocacy groups. 

Below are some examples of programs and events sponsored by the Highlands PTA:

Highlands PTA Sponsored Programs*

Teacher Support

Computer lab teacher, TK/K PE teacher, before school librarian, reading support aide, english language aide, school supervision, teacher grant program

Student & Classroom Programs

Classroom gardens, hands-on science education, supplemental music programs, Art-in-Action, classroom school supplies, library materials

Computers & Technology

Computers, computer lab equipment, audio/visual equipment, education & assessment software

Community and School Activities

Assemblies, lunchtime enrichment programs, community nights, student clubs, parent education programs, student t-shirts

Highlands PTA Sponsored Events*

  • Parent Ed Nights
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Book Fair
  • Science Fair
  • Yearbook
  • Family Math Night
  • Fifth Grade Promotion
  • Literacy Week
  • Staff Appreciation Week

* Note: PTA sponsored programs and events may vary each year depending on budget and school priorities

Stay Connected

We know parents are busy and often flooded with information. We created a web page with some useful resources so parents can Stay Connected and stay informed with some highlights to help families navigate their way through their time here at Highlands.

Highlands PTA


If you have questions about the Highlands PTA, please email us at: